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A valid email address is required.  Mailchimp will automatically send an opt in message to you to confirm your email address is valid and that you wish to be part of the Prophet River Lists.  This list signup is separate from our customer database that is used for orders and shipping info.

Last name and phone number are optional.  It just makes it easier to contact you directly should we need to.  This is more important if you're interested in the Hockey Pool where we need to contact the winners.

Please choose the groups you're interested in.  You may be a member of more then one group.  If this is left completely blank, I will move you into the Newsletter group by default.

Prophet River Newsletter - We send out a monthly newsletter that contains info about upcoming specials and other info.  Contests will also sometimes be announced here depending on the timing.

Prophet River Contests - This is where we will send invites for contests such as our Annual Hockey Pool.  We will also use it for quick announcements about contests that don't fit into the monthly newsletter time frame.

All Newsletter and Contest emails include a link allowing you to update your preferences at any time.

Our mailing address is:
Prophet River Firearms
4206 - 66ave
Lloydminster, Alberta T9V 3S9

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780 875-0575

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